Monday, April 23, 2007

Starting out

Hello fellow North goes - or should I say, Madison Park soon-to-be people!

As you know, the pages of a blog provide an opportunity for the average person - like me or you - to create a forum for discussion.

In his recent sermon series Pastor Lyon started the process of blogging after his messages on Sunday. Several of us were faithful readers of his blog, we even made comments - but his schedule of meetings, counseling sessions and generally being the pastor of a 2000+ congregation have made regular contributions to the blogospere somewhat difficult.

Therefore, I have started this simple site - view from the pew - for us to post comments and hold discussions about Jim's messages. All I ask (as moderator) is that you keep things clean, own you comments, and not make personal attacks. If you do, I will delete your comments and block you from the blog.

Disagreeing with Jim or me or another person who posts is just fine - as long as you do it in a civil manner.


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